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March 3, 2012
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Hope you all are doing well. I'm great. I am just going to write this because I love Once-ler and I got tired of waiting for more chapters of other Once-ler fanfics to come out. Hope you like X3 Chapter one:
-Once-ler POV-
I walk down the valley of the newly grown Truffula trees. I look at all the amazing colors of the fluff on the tops of them, the perfect stuff for Thneeds. Why did I ever cut down those trees? I see all of the amazing creatures that use the trees for lots of things. By cutting them down, I had taken everything from them. I felt terrible. I was so glad when Ted came along and brought them back.
As an old man in my 80's not many people recognized me at first. At least I was accepted by them now. I had worked hard to help grow the Truffula trees again.
I finally reached my home. I step inside and walk upstairs to my bedroom. I lay on my bed. I feel my time is almost up. I slowly start to close my eyes, when I see a magnificent light. Suddenly there is a creature in my room. A small, orange, Lorax.
"Once-ler," Says the Lorax. "You have done many good things. For bringing the trees back, I will give you your years back." What did that mean?
Then I see a bright light, and next thing I know, I'm laying on my couch. I don't feel old anymore. What happened? I walk upstairs and into my bathroom. I look in my mirror and scream. When I look into it, I see a teen... Me. How was that even possible? I am no longer wearing my clothes that I wore when I was laying in bed, but rather what I wore when I was younger. I look exactly like I did long ago.
I look over to see the Lorax standing beside me. He just nods and vanishes.
"Wait!" I yell, barely recognizing my own voice. I had gotten so used to my old voice that I had forgotten what I sounded like when I was this age. "What happened? How did you do that? Where are you going?" Is this what he meant by giving my years back?
I hear a knock on the door and a voice yell "You home, Once-ler?" It was Ted. I walk downstairs and open the door, looking at the floor. I can sense him staring at me.
"Uh," Ted says. "Hi... who are you? What are you doing in Once-ler's house?"
I look at him. "Guess." I say.
He squints at me. "Once-ler?" I nod. "But," He says. "How...?"
I shrug. "Don't ask me. Go find the Lorax, maybe he'll tell you." I had said that in a harsher tone than I had meant. "Sorry."
"Ted!" I hear a girl's voice yell from a little ways away. "Is he there?" An orange-haired girl walks up. Audrey, Ted's new girlfriend. She looks at me for a moment. "You're the Once-ler, aren't you?" I push them aside and hop on my motorbike. As I drive away into the valley of Truffula trees, I can hear them shouting. I ingnore them and keep going.
I drive all the way to the river and stop. I look around and see the fish singing happy songs. I sit against a Truffula tree and close my eyes and listen.
I sit like that for about twenty minutes, when I hear a scream from somewhere further down the bank. I immediately jump up and start running to where the screaming was coming from. Then I see it. A man that looked to be in his 40's holding a girl by the foot that looked to be about my age over the huge waterfall. The man had red hair and brown eyes with a very muscular body, and the girl has blonde hair and green eyes with a very skinny body. She looked like she hadn't eaten much at all.
She screams again. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Just please don't drop me!"
"It's too late for that," The man says with a very deep but powerful voice. "You tried to escape, but look where it has gotten you now." And without warning, he lets her fall and runs off without another word. I run over to the edge and see her splash into the water below, not seeing her come back up. I instinctively follow her. I look around for a second, but I can't find her. Then I see. There! I grab her and pull her up onto the grass. I put my ear to her chest. She's alive, but not breathing. I slam my fists on her stomach a few times without success. When I'm about to give up, thinking it's none of my buissness and a waste of my time, she coughs up some water. She opens her eyes and looks up at me and she immediately tenses up, but she relaxes when she sees I'm not that man.
"You-you saved me," She says. I shrug and look the other way, not wanting her to see my face redden. She sits up and scoots next to me. "Thank you," She says. "Oh and by the way, my name is Allison. Who are you?"
I look at her. "Once-ler." She looks at me like I'm crazy.
"Isn't the Once-ler that old guy that lives in that house that cut down all the trees?"
I clench my fists and look away. "Please don't remind me of that."
"Oh," Allison says. "Sorry." I look at her again. This girl wasn't just skinny, but she looked weak and beaten.
"Why don't you come with me. I can give you a place to stay for a while," I offer.
The blonde girl looks at me brightly. "Really?" She asks. I nod and get up. When she gets up she almost immediately falls against a tree. I walk over, put her arm around my shoulders and my arm around her and we walk to where I left my motorbike. I get on and pull Allison on behind me. She puts her arms around me and rests her head on my shoulder. As we drive I think about everything and nothing. Then a thought occurs, does this girl have a home?
When we finally reach my house, Ted and Audrey are gone. We get off and I carry Allison inside and put her on the couch. I look at the clock. Almost noon.
"Are you hungry?" I ask her. She looks up at me with huge eyes. I just take that as a 'yes' and go make some sandwiches. The girl looks like she hasn't eaten much in a long time. I made more sandwiches untill she was full.
"Thank you," Allison says. I look at the clock again. 2:00pm. Wow. Where did the time go? I look over at Allison. She has fallen asleep. I walk upstairs and lay on my bed. I turn on the TV and flip through the channels.
I finally settle on a news channel. Nothing much happened today according to them. They talk about how the forests have grown larger, and that a new law was passed. If anyone cuts down a tree, they must plant 2 more immediately after.
This meant I could chop more trees. But I didn't want to. Not after what happened. I swore never to chop another tree.
I hear footsteps running up the stairs. Allison bursts into my room. She looks stressed. She looks around the room, and when she sees me she relaxes.
"I thought..." She said. "I thought you left."
"I wouldn't leave," I say. I look at my watch. 8:30pm. "Hey," I say. "The couch is kinda uncofortable to sleep on. If you wanty you can sleep in here..." She looks at me for a second and nods. "Here," I say, walking to my dresser. I pull out some sweats and a tee shirt and give them to her. "Wouldn't want you sleeping in wet clothes." Allison gives me a grateful smile and goes into the bathroom. I change into my bunny pajamas and get into bed, curl up, and fall asleep.
Hi! First chapter to my Once-ler mini-series! :D Should I make more? Please tell me what you think :)

Next: [link]
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This is a coincidence...I love the Once-ler....and my name is Allyson!!!! BTW I love it!!!!
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I was reading this parallel from half my mom and my brother. When I read the last one I had to force myself to not smile/blush like an idiot since they couldn't see what I was looking at.
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xD thanks :3
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Omz! I thought how the Lorax should give the Once-ler his young-ness (is that a word?) back after the movie. Could I use it for my story? I wanted to ask you first, because I don't want to seem like I'm stealing.
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