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This is the next chapter! Yey! What do you call the stuff on the trees? Cuz I just call it "fluff". XD. Not much has happened since I posted the last chapter, so without further adeiu, chapter 2! (lol)
-Allison POV-
I step out of the bathroom in huge sweats that barely fit me. Boy, was this guy tall or what? My hair was still damp from my shower. The Once-ler was curled up on one side of the bed. I got in on the other side, scooting to the edge, trying not to touch him. Sleep pulls me under almost immediately.
When I wake up, Once-ler is still asleep. I begin to get out of bed, but he grabs me and suddenly pulls me to him. I try to move but I'm kind of stuck. I give a yelp when he holds me tighter and his eyes fly open. He instantly lets me go and jumps up.
"I-I'm so sorry," Once-ler says. He looks down. I blush a little and get up. I look at him.
"Really?" I say. Once-ler looks up, confused. "Bunny pajamas?"
"Hey," He says. "I can wear whatever I want. Besides, maybe I like bunnies..." We both laugh. Then someone knocks on the door. We go down. Once-ler looks through the peephole.
"Uh oh," He says and looks at me. "Hide."
I run upstairs and slip under the bed. I can hear the door open and Once-ler say, "Good morning."
Then another man with a very deep voice says, "I'm looking for a girl. About thins tall with blonde hair and green eyes. You seen any lately?" Then I know who it is. Ace. The man that tried to kill me. Suddenly I wonder if Once-ler will rad me out. I pray he won't. Why would he?
"I am awarding $10,000 dollars to whoever knows anything about her whereabouts," Says Ace. That's it. I'm dead.
I wait for Once-ler to say where I am. But rather I hear, "Nope, sorry. But I will let you know if I do see anyone like that." And the door  closes and I hear a car drive off. Once-ler comes upstairs and looks under the bed at me. I'm curled in a ball, sobbing. He pulls me out and sets me on the bed.
He hugs me. "Hey," He says. "It's okay. Let's go get something to eat." Once-ler takes my hand and leads me downstairs.
"Why are you so nice to me?" I ask, tears still streaming down my face. "I'm just a slave that works for the Xarol."
Once-ler looked baffled. "The what now?" He says.
"The Xarol," I say. "You know, the Lorax's evil twin brother."
He stares at me. "The Lorax has an evil twin brother?" I nod.
"Long story," I say. "But you still didn't answer my question. Why are you so nice to me?"
"Because you-" One-ler starts, but he just shakes his head and goes to make breakfast.

-Once-ler POV-

Allison sat behind me on my motorbike, arms holding tightly on to me. We drove down to a lake. A huge lake. We got off and walked to a dock, where my boat was tied up. I hopped in and offered my hand to Allison.
"I don't know," She said. "I kind of have a fear of water..." I roll my eyes and pull her in. I laugh and go to the wheel. I put the keys in and start it up. I look back at Allison, who is holding tightly to the seat. I take off my black fedora and hand it to her.
"Will you please hold this?" I ask. She nods and takes it. "Wouldn't want to lose it." I take us to an island. It was fairly small, but very pretty. I help her out and put my hat back on.
The island was mostly grassy, surrounded by a big beach. There were lots of trees and even a small waterfall. It was a clear day except for a few small fluffy white clouds.
"Wow," Says Allison. "It's beautiful."
"I thought you might like it," I say. We climb to the top of the small waterfall. "Dare me to jump?" I say smiling.
"I don't think you have the guts," Allison says laughing. I take off my hat again.
"Hold this," I say and give it to her. I take off my shoes and socks. I left the rest of my clothes on. I didn't care if the got wet.
"You're not really gonna-" Is all I could hear from her before I jumped. I splahed into the water. It was warm today. When I came to the surface I could hear the Humming fish singing I heard a splash next to me and Allison's head pop up out of the water.
"Thought you didn't like water," I said.
"Not anymore," She laughs. I laugh. Isn't this what we just did yesterday? I guess, but it was a little more... violent?
Allison put my soaking wet hat on my head.
"Sorry," She said. "Forgot I was holding it."
"No worries," I say. "It will dry out." We get our shoes and sit at a Truffula tree. To my surprise, Allison climbs up one. I've never seen anyone do that before. I can't climb, so I don't bother. A few moments later, she comes back down with a huge armfull of the fluffy stuff on the tree.
"You're the Once-ler, right?" The blonde girl asks. I nod. "Will you make me a Thneed?" She asks again. I stare at the pink fluff she had handed to me.
"I don't know," I say, "Last time I did that, I hurt a lot of people, and things, including myself."
"Oh, come on," She said. "It's just one. How much harm can that be?"
"Well..." I say. "I guess one couldn't hurt..."
"Yay!" Allison said happily.
"But you can't wear it in public," I say. She nods. We walk back to the boat, still soaking wet, and go back to my house.
When we arrive at my place on my motorbike, it is getting dark. I check my watch. 10:00pm already? We had had lunch and dinner at the island. When I look back at Allison, she is asleep. I didn't want to wake her, so I carried her in, along with the pink fluff. I set her on the bed, now clutching the fluff. I lay down and fall asleep.
When I wake up, Allison is no longer in the bed. I get up and go downstairs, assuming I was going to find her on the couch. But she wasn't. She was in the last place I expected her to be, sitting at my desk, drawing.
Allison looked up and jumped up. "Sorry," She said. "I just really love drawing and I saw you had some paper and pencils so I yeah..." I walk over. She had drawn... me. Holding an ax. Standing next to a truffula tree. Perfectly. It was so detailed and amazing...
"Wow," I say. "You are an amazing artist." I look up to see her blushing, and she quickly turns her head away.
"You really think so?" Allison says.
"This-" I hold up the paper "-is amazing! Where did you learn to draw like that?" I hand her the paper.
"I don't know," She says. "I guess it just ran in my family."
"Hey uh speaking of that, won't your family be worried about you?" I ask.
"My family was killed..." Alison's eyes started tearing up.
"Oh," I say. "Sorry." I desperately try to think of something to change the subject. "Hey," I say, "Come on. Lets get some food." We ate, took showers, and got dressed. Now we sit on the couch, me knitting a Thneed, and her drawing.
"Is that how you made Thneeds?" Allison says, laughing. "Knitting?"
"Hey!" I say. "There is nothing un-manly about knitting."
She stops drawing and looks at me. "I have a question." I raise an eyebrow. "Why did you save me yesterday, when that man came? Why didn'y you just get your money? It's not like I'm anything special to you."
I look at the wall. Changing the subject again, I say, "Do you know that guy's name by any chance?"
"Ace," Says Allison. Someone rings the doorbell. I open the door and see... Ace? Then, I don't see anything.
OMG CHAPTER 2!! :D I'm going to keep going regardless of what anyone says, okay? XD I love comments, and comments mean love! So do faves lol

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Fanfiction-Princess Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Student Writer
Xarol!!!! love it!
Pekina Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Two comments
1) It'd be so awesome if someone drew the picture Allison had drawn (Don't look at me, I'm a horrible artist)

2) "I open the door and see... Ace? Then, I don't see anything."
Me: "Wait, what. Did he close his eyes or something...?" *reads it again then thinks bout it* "Ohhh!" *facepalm*
ChristmasKitten1 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Student General Artist
lol I can't draw well, either. I should pay someone to do it.
xD nice
Pekina Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
I posted a journal message asking someone if they'd do a pic for me and I got a reply.
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I'll bet tons of people have, it's just not all that relevant to them. I liked it quite a bit, though. XD
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Why on earth does chapter 2 have more veiws than chapter 1? XD It's okay, I can't count either. Jk, I just think it's kinda weird that this has more veiws than the first one XD
Aerrows-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Student Writer
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