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March 5, 2012
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XD I'm surprised I even made it past chapter 2. lol here ya go, chapter 3!
-Once-ler POV-

I wake up on my kitchen floor. My mind is spinning. I shake my head to clear it. What just happened? Last thing I remember is being hit in the head with something. I touch my face and immediately pull my hand away. Ouch.
Then I hear screaming from outside. I get up and run out my door, but not before grabbing an ax. When I'm outside, I see Ace holding a gun pointed at Allison. I immediately throw my ax at Ace. It hits him on the foot. He screams and drops his gun, gets in his car and drives away.
I look over at Allison, who is staring in the direction Ace went with huge eyes. I walk over to her and bring her inside.
"Why...?" Allison starts, still looking terrified.
"Why what?" I ask.
"Why did you save me... again? You owe me nothing." She says.
"Well," I say, "Would you rather I let him kill you?" Allison shakes her head. "I didn't think so."
I go upstairs and grab my guitar. I walk outside, hop on my motorbike, and drive into the forest of Truffula trees, where Bar-ba-loots are enjoying the sun, and the Humming fish are rehearsing songs.
I stop at a tree near a stream and sit down. I start playing my guitar a little bit. After a few minutes, a small Bar-ba-loot eating some fruit from the Truffula trees comes and sits beside me. I smile at it and continue playing. After a bit longer of playing, a few Humming fish join me and hum along.
When a while longer has passed, I begin to become aware of a presence. Not any of the animals, but another human. I turn around.
"Hi, Ted," I say.
"Hey," He says and sits next to me.
"Do you need something?" I ask, still lightly stumming my guitar.
"I was just wondering..." Ted begins. I look at him. "How is it," He continues, "That you aren't... old anymore?"
I think about it for a moment. "Something to do with a Lorax and trees," I say. He chuckles a little. "So," I say, "What did you so desperately need me for a couple days ago?"
"Oh," Ted says, "Nothing much really. If it was really all that important I would have come looking for you. Or come yesterday."
"Good point," I say and get up. "I should get going. Bye, Ted."
"Bye, Once-ler." He says. I get on my motorbike and drive home.
When I get home, I go upstairs to find Allison laying on her back on the bed, staring at the celing.
"Hey," I say. "Sorry I kinda left without warning..." But before I can say anymore, the blonde girl is hugging me. I hug her back. I would have wanted to stay like that longer, but she pulls away.
"Sorry," Allison says. I turn my head away so she won't see my face turn red.
"You have nothing to be sorry for," I say.

-Allison POV-

"I am giving you one last chance," I hear a man say. He holds a gun pointed at my parents. "Where is it?"
"We- we don't know!" I can hear my mom say. But they do know. They know that I have it. I wore it around my neck every day. I was told to keep it safe, for one day, it would come in handy for something very important. I hugged my grandma as I heard a gun shoot. I screamed.
I wake up screaming. Sweat covers my face. Once-ler is immediately up.
"What?" He says urgently. "What's wrong?"
"Oh," I say quickly. "Nothing. Just a bad dream."
"Oh okay," Once-ler says. "I get those a lot."
"Really?" I say. "What are yours about?"
"Trees," He says.
"Trees?" I ask.
"Yeah, trees." He says. "Don't you remember what happened?"
"Oh, yeah." I say. I wasn't old enough to see it happen, but I have seen it when there were no trees or anything, and heard stories from people. We get up, get dressed, eat and go outside, where we find a small orange Lorax standing.
"Uh, hi," Once-ler says to the Lorax.
The Lorax looks at me. "Is this your girlfriend?" He asks mockingly.
"What?! No!" Once-ler says. I look away, hoping they won't see me blush.
"Alright, alright." Says the Lorax. "Relax."
"What do you want anyway?" Says the Once-ler.
"Well," The small orange creature says, "I was just checking on you. Are you enjoying your years?" What? What does that mean?
"As much as I enjoy them," The Once-ler says, "I also would have been perfectly happy dying as an old man."
"No, you wouldn't," The Lorax says. Then he disappears. We walk back inside.
"What was that all about?" I ask.
"Nothing," Once-ler says. I give him a hug and walk to the door. "Thank you," I say. "You've been so kind, but I really should go." But the truth is, I really didn't want to go.
I begin to open the door when I feel a hand on my shoulder. "Wait," Says the Once-ler, I turn to look at him. His face is inches from mine. "Please don't go." And suddenly, the space between our lips is gone.
:squee: OMG CHAPTER 3 YAY!!!!! :happybounce: XD I wish I could be Allison right now... lol Anyway, hope you like! :)

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